Monday, January 26, 2009

Ramblings from a Redheaded Mama

Ok, so it's been awhile, I'm sorry. I've been waiting for Tall Dark and Goofy to do a write up for me on the East West Shrine Game that I could post with pictures of the clowns that I took that day. However, between his crazy work schedule and the amount of pain he's been in because of his stupid shoulder that the stupid doctors have refused to fix, it just hasn't happened yet.
I felt guilty and now am posting nonsense.
There are several things going on in our household, new things being purchased, which might include a new camera for TD&G since he hasn't had a new one in 5 or 6 years. I found a new doc for him this morning, and read an article from Johns Hopkins on labral tears that might be very helpful if this doctor ALSO tries to tell us that he can live with this pain (either that or I might just hurt him since this will be the 5th orthopaedic specialist we'll have been to). Since said article said that most labral tears should be treated with some sort of surgery, I think we're good to go.
It's bonus time and we're working on the things we need that we can't afford during the year. Of course, this also includes paying off the surgeon from my gall bladder removal. TD&G and the middle child both need to go to the eye doc. TD&G needs contact ('cause he's almost out) and middle child needs new glasses since he lost his at the lake.
We'll be setting some money aside so I can go to the PartyLite annual conference this summer in Atlanta.
We have a long list of things we want and things we need and we'll be very careful about where the money goes. I'm hoping that our tax refund can go into savings, but it might have to pay for surgery (one can hope anyway).

Monday, January 5, 2009

Armed Forces Bowl

So, my camera batteries died pretty much as soon as we got in the stadium. Here are a few I took before the game.

I took this one simply because I loved the wording.
The game took place at TCU, where the mascot is the Horned Frog.

This is my mother at the tailgating breakfast.
My father is the bearded man with the blue hat on.

This is the oldest child.
I'm not sure which of his brothers he's giving the annoyed look to, probably both.

The younger two children.
They were watching the marching band play on the staircase.

Mr. Goofy Gooberhead himself, my hubby.
We got the scarves as we went into the tailgating breakfast (woohoo FREEBIES!)
The sweatshirt was a present from my mother, Dad has one also.

No pictures of me because, as always, I was behind the camera.