Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful day. I woke up to Hubby trying to sneak out of the bedroom. He ended up taking the youngest child and running to the store for V Day presents, lol. I got roses, chocolates, a mug with a mini balloon and chocolate roses, a small stuffed frog that makes kissing noises and a stuffed dog. Several of these things were picked out by the 7 year old, lol.
Anyway, I gave Hubby a pocket watch and a card that my mother had found for me. He was very surprised and really likes his new watch.
We went to breakfast and then to Target where the boys each got to pick out a couple packs of collector's cards.
I also managed to go grocery shopping for the next couple of weeks. Not great on my checking account, but I did stay within the budget I'd set for myself. I'll have to go back for produce and milk, but I think we're set on meat and cheese and that kind of stuff.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Shoe Depression

I have extra wide feet.
I don't know if they are naturally that wide or if it is the result of several broken toes.
I do know that shopping for shoes with extra wide feet is a pain in the butt.
I don't shop for new shoes often because I have to shop online or at a store across town to find my size. The biggest issue with my feet is that while they are extra wide, they are only a size 6.
So, it seems that the stores think that if you have extra wide feet,
you want to wear grandma shoes.
Rounded toes and no heel.
And now, I'm going back to the search. Occasionally, I find the perfect pair at the perfect price.