Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So, the puppy has escaped. He dug out of the back yard yesterday while I was out running errands. The boys are sad, the hubby is sad and I'm kinda sad myself. We did look into getting a new dog, a REAL puppy this time. You know, a little bitty 2 month old that I can carry around like a baby for awhile. Not some 8 month old monster that weighs more than the youngest child.
Hubby is determined it will be a large breed. Ok, I can handle that, but I'm looking into dogs that are low shedding or seasonal shedding. Buster was a constant shedder, which means I have dog hair all over everything in my house. We really like the border collie, which are medium shed. We also like Irish setters which I believe are low shed. The other one that calls to me is a basset hound or a beagle. I know hubby will agree to a basset if I find one, but I'm not so sure about the beagle. They have the cutest faces though!
We have to ask the management company if we can have a dog for real. I'm assuming there will be a pet deposit and all that crap. We didn't have to make a pet deposit on the animals we had when we moved in, since they're caged animals and can't make much mess. As it is, the fullest tank we have is the turtle tank and it's probably got about 7 gallons of water in it.
Ok, I'm babbling again, deal with it, lol

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Doggy adventures

Ok, so it seems Friday a dog was found wandering around our street. The neighbors took him in that night, but were moving the next day. Well, being the animal loving people we are (ok, suckers, we're big ol' suckers) we took the dog in Saturday night. I searched recipes for dog food (since I didn't have any kibble and the poor pup had to eat something) and made up a doggy hamburger helper. I've since made a chicken dish for him too.
Well, it's Tuesday now and this animal has wormed its way into the hearts of my children. I have to take him tomorrow to check for microchips. He's not a puppy puppy, but not full grown either. He's an American bulldog, possibly a mix.
I've purchased bowls, a leash and collar, toys, kibble, shampoo, and treats. He's taken over some inexpensive blankets we had around the house and hubby thinks that maybe he moved one of them himself last night.
Buster is a sweet dog, but man, takes him awhile to calm down when transitioning from outside to inside.
Now, I have to go clean the mess in my bathroom.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mary had a little lamb

On this past Tuesday, the middle monster (10) started piano lessons. He had fun at his first lesson and is taking the whole thing very seriously. He's been at the piano every spare minute he has.
Today, I've heard "Mary had a little lamb" possibly 15 times. Before that it was "Old MacDonald."
It's a good thing I like children's music, or I'd probably go insane.
On the other hand, the oldest monster, who has been taking lessons for 7 years now, hasn't touched said piano since Monday. He practices only when it's convenient for him, which is about as often as he does his chores, lol.
The youngest monster will probably start lessons as soon as he's reading independently. This is the one requirement of our piano teacher. This will happen before too long, he's very close.

Monday, January 14, 2008


For some holiday many years ago, my ex husband bought a truck for my friend's son. The child loved the truck, but it made very loud, obnoxious music. Mind you, this was probably the LAST time I let my ex pick out presents for any of the children.

This year, for Christmas, my two older children received room alarms from this friend. She SWEARS that her children picked them out. UH HUH, I believe it, really I do............. This has been payback, more than payback, for that obnoxious truck. When activated, if a door opens, said room alarm will make this high pitched (and not a note, it's sharp or flat or something, just not ON a note) beeping noise until the child responsible for the room it's in goes and turns the blasted thing off.

Young blog, haven't mentioned that I have perfect pitch............. omg, I'm going to take it away and possibly take my trusty rubber mallet to the darn things!!! The youngest child has taken great joys in setting off the stupid things, all freaking afternoon long.

shoot me.................. please???

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Stuff you find in a piano after 13 years

We recently moved the piano from my parents' house to our house. My oldest monster is the one using it, makes more sense for US to have it. WELL, we decided it had been about 13 years since it was last tuned, not to mention the need to tune it after it's been moved.
Yesterday, after the piano playing monster came home from his piano lesson, he handed me a card for a tuner, from his piano teacher. Seems she's tired of his excuses about not being able to practice on the really out of tune piano. I called the gentleman and he said he could be here this morning. Well, I decided that the dining room could use a cleaning if there was going to be a stranger in it (there was a NASTY spot on the floor that required the carpet cleaner). I also raised the lid on the piano and pulled the front part off. HMMM, seems it wasn't playing well because there was a ton of STUFF in there.

one dime,
three pennies,
2 FAKE pennies,
3 pence (yes, pence),
several pictures of short people (including one of me with VERY scary hair, it was the 80s, what are ya gonna do?)
a few 10 mg Ritalin
one Winnie the Pooh vitamin
one colored pencil (in purple, in case you were wondering)
a pen, with no cap
a pen cap, not even to the pen we found
and a cooking magazine.

The cooking magazine explains why it wasn't playing well for so long, it was restricting all the bass line keys. As for the coins, you could hear them clinking when you played, kind of annoying.

The moral of the story you ask?? don't let toddlers and preschoolers play around your piano, also don't use it as a dumping ground if you're going to expect someone to play it.
The wonderful piano tuner is here as I type this, we've taken the mini-vac to the piano and it's fairly dust free now. It's also on it's way to being in tune, now, to make the 12 year old practice!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Hi all! Welcome to my madhouse. A little about me...............
I'm a redheaded mama to 3 redheaded boys (my husband is NOT a redhead, but we love him anyway). We are a homeschool family in the Houston area. We love museums, zoos, biking, and animals. We have a mini zoo of 2 red-eared sliders, 3 fire belly toads, 2 blue dart frogs and 1 hedgehog.
I love to cook and will probably be posting recipes every once in awhile of things I try and feel the need to share with anyone who happens to stop by the site.
Not sure what else to say, I'm not comfortable writing about myself. I will probably spend most of my time talking about the short people, but that's the nature of a mother, to talk about her children.