Monday, January 14, 2008


For some holiday many years ago, my ex husband bought a truck for my friend's son. The child loved the truck, but it made very loud, obnoxious music. Mind you, this was probably the LAST time I let my ex pick out presents for any of the children.

This year, for Christmas, my two older children received room alarms from this friend. She SWEARS that her children picked them out. UH HUH, I believe it, really I do............. This has been payback, more than payback, for that obnoxious truck. When activated, if a door opens, said room alarm will make this high pitched (and not a note, it's sharp or flat or something, just not ON a note) beeping noise until the child responsible for the room it's in goes and turns the blasted thing off.

Young blog, haven't mentioned that I have perfect pitch............. omg, I'm going to take it away and possibly take my trusty rubber mallet to the darn things!!! The youngest child has taken great joys in setting off the stupid things, all freaking afternoon long.

shoot me.................. please???

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Ali said...

LMAO... Welcome to my world...