Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Stuff you find in a piano after 13 years

We recently moved the piano from my parents' house to our house. My oldest monster is the one using it, makes more sense for US to have it. WELL, we decided it had been about 13 years since it was last tuned, not to mention the need to tune it after it's been moved.
Yesterday, after the piano playing monster came home from his piano lesson, he handed me a card for a tuner, from his piano teacher. Seems she's tired of his excuses about not being able to practice on the really out of tune piano. I called the gentleman and he said he could be here this morning. Well, I decided that the dining room could use a cleaning if there was going to be a stranger in it (there was a NASTY spot on the floor that required the carpet cleaner). I also raised the lid on the piano and pulled the front part off. HMMM, seems it wasn't playing well because there was a ton of STUFF in there.

one dime,
three pennies,
2 FAKE pennies,
3 pence (yes, pence),
several pictures of short people (including one of me with VERY scary hair, it was the 80s, what are ya gonna do?)
a few 10 mg Ritalin
one Winnie the Pooh vitamin
one colored pencil (in purple, in case you were wondering)
a pen, with no cap
a pen cap, not even to the pen we found
and a cooking magazine.

The cooking magazine explains why it wasn't playing well for so long, it was restricting all the bass line keys. As for the coins, you could hear them clinking when you played, kind of annoying.

The moral of the story you ask?? don't let toddlers and preschoolers play around your piano, also don't use it as a dumping ground if you're going to expect someone to play it.
The wonderful piano tuner is here as I type this, we've taken the mini-vac to the piano and it's fairly dust free now. It's also on it's way to being in tune, now, to make the 12 year old practice!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!


Ali said...

My gods, that sounds like my couch!

Redheaded Mama said...

Nope,the couch is worse!! K'NEX, erector parts, the TV remotes, lol.

Ali said...

No socks? I always find socks and cat treats in mine.