Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hedgie Face!!

Ok, so she's blurry, but she's a fast little bugger!
I still don't have a name, but since all of 2 people read my blog (and that includes me) I can't really ask for suggestions (how sad).
I had thought about running a contest, but since one of my readers is me, that's kinda hard, lol. We might just stick with Prickly Butt, though, I dunno, it lacks something. Maybe I'll search Prickle in the thesaurus........ arrow, bristle, dart, prickle, prong, quill, shaft, spike, spur, thistle, thorn...................... Thistle is the name of the hedgie at the zoo, otherwise, really cute.......... Spike was the name of Hubby's first hedgie..... Prongs is a bit too Harry Potter for me......... Quill is a bit.... yeah, stupid. Hmmmm, Prickles might be the winner of that selection........

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New family member!

We adopted a new hedgehog over the weekend. We haven't named her yet. She's 6 weeks old and what they call a paint. That basically means instead of one color all over or a steady mix of colors) she's got spots! Big ol' patches on white mingled with patches of salt and pepper.
She's enjoying her new cage (actually an older cage, but she doesn't need to know that!) and we bought a chinchilla bath house for her to sleep in. We put in some bedding and she's loving burrowing down in that.
We have yet to introduce her to the other hedgehog in the house. We'll probably do that by the end of the week. Certainly something to do with 2 adults in the house, lol.
Ok, off to clean a turtle tank!