Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting back to normal

After having to dump all the food from all 3 of our refrigerators, and nearly emptying the bank account while trying to eat without said food, we now have power and hopefully life will get back to normal. The good thing about being without power for so long is that our electric bill this month will not be as high as it has been.
I hope that business will pick back up now that people are getting power back.
Stupid storm is seriously effecting my sales.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Saturday morning, Hurricane Ike came through the Conroe area. At about 1:30am, we lost power. At about 3:30am a large tree from the property next door fell across our front yard and into the neighbor's yard, completely blocking our driveway. When Hubby got up to check on everything, after the sun came up, he found another tree down behind the house, on top of the power lines.
We have gas, we have water. We can cook and we can take hot showers, lol.
We heard from Entergy (via the radio station) that we might not have power until September 29th.
There is an American Bull dog that has taken up residence in our yard. He is very sweet and seems to like the name Buddy. He has been trained and can sit, lay, stay and "go lay down" even with the boys telling him to do it.
A friend came and removed the tree from the driveway and some wonderful gentlemen from North Carolina came and removed the tree from the power lines. The trucks from North Carolina have been all over our neighborhood clearing trees and working on the power lines.
In my opinion, FEMA has done a wonderful job getting down here and getting stuff out to people. I've been very lucky and thank the Lord for all that we do have.

For those worried about my health, I'm doing fine. We've had a couple of days where I've over done it, but some Tylenol 3 and some rest and I'm feeling better. The weather is cooler, which is a blessing since Houston in September can be miserable.

I'm hoping to do something about Internet access soon, so that I can get back to my emails and my business.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Yesterday was my surgery. I never heard how many gall stones I had, but do know that my gall bladder was severely inflamed. The doc was wonderful, told me he'd been worried about me all weekend expecting a call from the ER that I'd been admitted again. Interestingly enough, his daughter's name is spelled the same as mine, but pronounced differently.

Everything is well, so far. I hurt, but that's to be expected. I won't have all the kids home until I think I can handle them, which I doubt will be tonight. We are getting at least one home today, the middle one. He'll quietly watch TV and play computer games, so I'm not too worried about it.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I paid $3.08/gallon of gas tonight!!!

I needed gas tonight on my way home from a show. I also had to stop by the grocery store to buy dinner. I decided to try out the gas prices at the grocery store's pumps (Safeway affiliate). It seems with my "Remarkable Card" I got a discount of 30 cents a gallon!! I only paid $3.08/gallon!!! (I know, some people would have been happy with the original $3.38 a gallon, lol)
The shopper before me didn't get all of their receipt and I just looked at it enough to see what their discount was.... only 3 cents.

If your local grocery store has a gas discount for its discount cards, USE IT!!!!


We got home on Monday and Monday night I got sick and had to go to the hospital. It seems my gall bladder is blocked and needs to be removed. I'll be going back to the hospital this coming Monday to have that done.
Please keep my family in your prayers as no one is used to me getting sick like this.
~Redheaded Mama