Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Doggy adventures

Ok, so it seems Friday a dog was found wandering around our street. The neighbors took him in that night, but were moving the next day. Well, being the animal loving people we are (ok, suckers, we're big ol' suckers) we took the dog in Saturday night. I searched recipes for dog food (since I didn't have any kibble and the poor pup had to eat something) and made up a doggy hamburger helper. I've since made a chicken dish for him too.
Well, it's Tuesday now and this animal has wormed its way into the hearts of my children. I have to take him tomorrow to check for microchips. He's not a puppy puppy, but not full grown either. He's an American bulldog, possibly a mix.
I've purchased bowls, a leash and collar, toys, kibble, shampoo, and treats. He's taken over some inexpensive blankets we had around the house and hubby thinks that maybe he moved one of them himself last night.
Buster is a sweet dog, but man, takes him awhile to calm down when transitioning from outside to inside.
Now, I have to go clean the mess in my bathroom.

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Ali said...

Almost like having a fourth child, isn't it? Congrats and hope he gets to stay!