Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mary had a little lamb

On this past Tuesday, the middle monster (10) started piano lessons. He had fun at his first lesson and is taking the whole thing very seriously. He's been at the piano every spare minute he has.
Today, I've heard "Mary had a little lamb" possibly 15 times. Before that it was "Old MacDonald."
It's a good thing I like children's music, or I'd probably go insane.
On the other hand, the oldest monster, who has been taking lessons for 7 years now, hasn't touched said piano since Monday. He practices only when it's convenient for him, which is about as often as he does his chores, lol.
The youngest monster will probably start lessons as soon as he's reading independently. This is the one requirement of our piano teacher. This will happen before too long, he's very close.

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Ali said...

So happy to hear he's enjoying it so much! Let's hope it stays that way - music is good for the body, mind and soul - and to be able to make it yourself is even better!