Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Party

Cold? Did I say it was cold on Wednesday? blah... it's up to 80 degrees in the afternoons now...
Halloween was a blast. We had my friend and her family over and the little girl across the street.
My friend made a macaroni and cheese and I made a lasagna. We also had salad, Rice Krispie treats and mummy dogs (mini sausages wrapped in strips of crescent roll dough, then baked).

The youngest child first wanted to be a mummy, but decided that the wrapping was uncomfortable. We dug into the Halloween tub and found an old Harry Potter costume, painted a scar on his forehead and were good to go. The middle child wore a white dress shirt, a black necktie and a lab coat. He was supposed to be a mad scientist, but we didn't quite get the "mad" part of it down. The oldest was a football fanatic (not much of a stretch for that one, lol) in his Texans jersey and face paint.
My friend's boys were Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Brothers.


Crazy Lady said...

So glad you had such a good time. May blog about mine if I can ever get around too it. LOL

Anonymous said...

It looks like they're having so much fun :)

Redheaded Aunt said...

How is it that you've had this blog for nearly a year and I had no clue?