Monday, December 15, 2008

Family Pictures

Saturday was piano recital day. Notice the well dressed children.
Also notice the silly faces.
They were allowed to have a silly face picture if they'd stand nicely through other pictures.

Hubby and I wanted one of just the two of us.
Thanks to my sister for taking it.

The nice one I got of all 5 of us.
Note that the older boys are getting to be as tall as I am *sigh*

The nice shot of the boys.
The oldest turned 13 on Sunday, he's in the green shirt
The youngest, in the snowman sweater, is 7
and the middle child is 11.
Middle child picked out his tie all on his own, even wanted a suit coat to wear, lol.


Anonymous said...

great pictures :)

Qwill said...

Great looking family!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Bonita said...

Alana, you have a lovely family. Happy holidays.