Thursday, June 26, 2008


I'm a bad blogger.
We've been moving our stuff from one house to another for the last month and this week we moved the furniture. I feel very sorry for the movers who had to lug my solid wood furniture out of one house and into another. Every bedroom set we own is solid wood, and every bedroom in the new house is upstairs, very steep stairs at that.
We decided when packing up on Monday morning that the TV from the gameroom (upstairs) in the old house would be switched with the TV from the master bedroom (downstairs) in the old house. The TV that was in our bedroom is about 150 pounds and with the large, heavy furniture already going up, I thought it cruel to have the big TV go up also. Also, with the smaller TV in my armoire, I can actually SHUT the doors! (ridiculous of me, I know)
All of our furniture is now moved, but we still have some smaller things to move.

On top of this, I'm working on a new business opportunity and unpacking all the crap we own.

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Crazy Lady said...

Congrats on getting all moved. And hey, not everyone can be as compulsive of a blogger as I am... LOL