Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Smart Car

So, I had the pleasure (*snort*) of getting a close up of a Smart yesterday.
Is it just me or are they just like an overgrown Cozy Coup?
I'm really questioning the practicality of the car. Ok, yeah, energy efficient, blah blah blah, but if it got into an accident, what's to stop the person driving it to get smushed to smitherines?
I'm not even sure you could fit groceries in it.
Of course, I'm a mom of 3 boys, so really all these itty bitty cars that everyone is proclaiming that everyone else should drive are not very practical for me. THEN, you have the hybrids that are too expensive for the average family of 5 to buy and it takes 5 years before the gas savings catch up to the price you spent on the thing.
I drive a minivan because SUVs are too expensive and have such horrible gas mileage. I love my minivan, the three cars I owned before this one were minivans. Even when I had only 2 kids, I drove a minivan.
I will add that my first car was a station wagon, so I might be predisposed to family cars.
I will also add that I've already told my hubby that once we are free of kids (*snort, yeah right*) I want one of THESE! It's my dream car. I do know it will never happen, I'm a reasonable person and I know that in 11 years, when I don't have to drive the kids around as much, we will NEVER be able to afford a 55 Corvette.... It's on the list of things to buy when we win the lotto (we'd have to PLAY the lotto to win the lotto, lol)


Crazy Lady said...

You'll have better luck getting your Corvette than I'll have getting my Shelby Cobra. ROFL Or my 67 GTO for that matter.

Leigh Anne (yo yo yo!) said...

We have a good SUV (Ford Escape) that is great on gas mileage, gets the same as our little Ford Taurus got. About 35 miles to the gallon. WOOT!

I need space for my kids and groceries and all their stuff but I soooo want one of those little mini coopers!!!They are just too adorable!