Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dish Network- a vent

So, when we moved to the new house we cancelled our account with Dish Network. We couldn't get DSL at the new house, so if we had to get cable internet, we might as well go with cable television.
We had to cancel a contract, which is fine, we'll pay those fees willingly.

First, they were rude about us cancelling the contract. Told us it was going to cost us twice the actual cost to get out of the contract. We got that taken care of by talking to that person's manager.

They were going to send boxes to us to return their equipment. We said ok, we'll keep an eye out, please send those to the new address. They sent them 2 weeks after we moved to the OLD address. Since then, we have requested the boxes no less than 4 times. They have consistently sent the boxes either to the wrong town or the wrong street number (one that doesn't exist). We have also requested their address so that we could just pay for the shipping ourselves and get the equipment back to them, THEY REFUSED!!!!

Now, they have charged us $500, taking it directly out of the account. We have been charged for their incompetence.

At this moment, my husband is on the phone with these people AND at the same time, at the BBB website making a complaint.

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