Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy Busy

I don't have excuses, I don't really have any stories.
Oh wait, there's this cute little monster in my house who wakes up every morning excited to see how much his bean plants have grown. He started them from seed, you see and by the third day, they were amazingly tall.

Please excuse the ugly bushes in the pictures behind the pots. I have since removed the offensive things and am still working on cleaning out all the vines.

We planted our garden in pots so that they can be rescued from the Texas heat, if need be.
I know it's not perfect, but how do you achieve perfection with an overly excited 8 year old as your "helper"?

Beans and tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers and zucchini.
We also have herbs and green onions.


Crazy Lady said...

Nice start you have going there. Child #3 seems to have a real green thumb. :)

Qwill said...

How much fun! The plants are off to a great start.

We're going to grow cactus from seed as one of our summer fun projects.

Redheaded Mama said...

Crazy Lady~ my grandparents had a farm.. quite the vegetable "patch"

Qwill~ I looked at cacti, but am looking towards more useful and less ornamental right now. Trying to cut the grocery bill just a bit. I'm thinking the two beds I cleared out yesterday are going to go for fall veggies.. that's going to be LOTS of fun :D