Monday, August 10, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

Ok, so this is my first time to participate in this and it's been awhile since I posted, so it's gonna be a "not me" for about the past month, lol

I did NOT break my ankle while in Atlanta a few weeks ago. Nope, I certainly didn't step down on my foot wrong and it really didn't happen in the middle of the Georgia Dome. I also didn't hop myself up on Tylenol 3 for the drive home from Atlanta and I really didn't let my friends drive my van back to Houston while I slept off the effects of the drugs.

I didn't look at my blog 3 times since then and I certainly didn't start 3 separate posts that didn't end up so incredibly whiny that I felt I couldn't post them. Nope, I wouldn't be such a bad blogger that I couldn't find anything to post about, not me.

I didn't walk around my house yesterday without my boot on and irritate the ankle I didn't break in Atlanta, that would have been stupid. j
I didn't steal my oldest child's boot from his heel problems because it really ISN'T so much more comfortable than the one that the podiatrist gave me.

I didn't eat half a loaf of beer bread last night from a competitor's company, and I didn't smear it with a spread also from the competitor's company. I'm also not considering making another loaf of said bread to repeat the process today.

I didn't throw a tealight at my oldest child's head this morning because he certainly didn't get mouthy with me. I also didn't throw one at him last night to get his attention because he certainly wasn't quoting Jeff Dunham during a family meeting.

I also didn't cheer on the Titans last night simply because they were in Oilers jerseys. I also didn't cheer when T.O. was taken down by the Titans players seconds after catching the ball.

And right now, I'm not laying in bed working on this blog post when I should be getting ready to take the boys to piano lessons. That would be irresponsible and lazy and I'm never irresponsible and lazy.


Foursons said...

I clicked on your link from MckMama's because I read your title as "House of Rednecks" and not "House of Redheads". LOL- Shows what kind of sense of humor I have.

My son broke his ankle last week too and I've managed 2 blog posts out of it with more to come. Maybe I'm desperate for some material or maybe my life is really that boring. Hmmm...

Aymee said...

LOL You don't even want ME to start in on a not me post... Story of my life. :)

Good to have a sense of humor about it all though. Without that, what do you have?

Michelle said...

Oh no, I hope your ankle gets better soon! How painful! Makes me think of that scene from Misery...ugh!!

Redheaded Mama said...

Foursons, LOL, I'd have checked out a blog called House of Rednecks too :D Hope your son is doing ok, being immobile SUCKS

CrazyLady- darlin' I'd love for you to do a "not me" post, I think it'd be hilarious... maybe 3 "not me" posts, heehee someone has blogs that need updating :D

Michelle- not too bad, but frustrating with 3 boys to chase around. You'd think the 13 year old could be a bit more helpful.