Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another New Family Member

So, we told the oldest monster that if he saved up the money, he could buy a hamster. He saved up for the cage, the hamster, the food and a few accessories. We already had bedding from the hedgehog that we weren't using anymore.
Her name is Smokey and she is a gray Djungarian hamster, which from what I've read means she's a Russian winter white hamster. She's very light in color, like a wisp of smoke (hence the name).
She is slowly getting used to the monsters who are getting used to having such a small mammal in the house. Previous to this, the only very small animals we've had are toads and frogs.

On a side note, while at the pet store, Hubby and I looked at some new frogs since our dart frog recently passed. We're looking at the glass frogs, also known as clown tree frogs. They are very colorful and like to climb the sides of the tank. However, Hubby is also liking these very small mice called hoppers. Usually, hopper mice are used for feeder mice, but Hubby says they look like mini kangaroos, which intrigues him, lol.

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