Sunday, April 20, 2008

House hunting, grrrrr

So, we spent the weekend driving by houses that we have found online. Some really nice ones, in fact, we could have been done at the first house. However, when we called the agent, we found that the house had rented the day before :(
We found that at every house we really liked. There was one other that we called the agent standing in the front yard and the agent never returned our call. I have also sent said agent an email asking for an appt to go look at the house. It's huge, with built ins and a pool!!
We looked at a few more today and one of those we really like. I've emailed that agent also.
I'm tired now, and somewhat discouraged, I HATE house hunting.
Maybe I can get out at some point this week and go look at those two houses.
Have I mentioned how much I hate house hunting?

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Crazy Lady said...

I was so hoping this time would be easier. Keep your chin up, you'll find that house eventually. If not,I'll sick Ali on 'em.