Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Shrimpy Bandit

The Shrimpy Bandit is my youngest redhead. Isn't he adorable? He was playing around last night after eating all the Cajun shrimp that Hubby and I had peeled for him. Normal 7 year olds don't really eat shrimp from what I've been told, but my kids are far from "normal" and the younger two will eat just about anything. If you have shrimp on your plate and Monster #3 does not, then beware, especially if he's within arm reach of your plate. He also steals calamari and most fruits and vegetables.

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Crazy Lady said...

LOL Too cute. Both my 6-year-old and my 8-year-old will eat shrimp! Although, Grandpa ruined them on calamari for the rest of their lives.