Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I love the Didj

The youngest child got a Didj for Christmas. It is a hand held gaming unit from Leapfrog.
He can hook it up to the desktop and upload his progress and download a few gadget type things for his games. When he uploads his progress, Leapfrog takes that information and tells me what level he's on. All the games have some learning aspect to them.
The only thing I don't like about it is that there aren't more games available. I wish Leapfrog had taken some of the Leapster games and adapted them for the Didj.


Crazy Lady said...

Glad to hear he's enjoying it. T&M had the original Leapsters from a bazillion years ago and played them until they beat the screens into submission. LOL

Redheaded Mama said...

LOL, he still will play on his Leapster. He was not too old for it, but will be soon. Not to mention, he got the really cool Star Wars Didj from Target, so it's more like Tall Dark and Goofy's PSP, lol.