Monday, March 23, 2009

Book Signing aka Dakota and Michele come to H-town

Michele Bardsley, Dakota Cassidy and Victoria Laurie came to Houston a few weeks ago.
Because I'm a bad blogger, I'm just now getting around to posting these pictures.

Signing the books, I wonder if Victoria Laurie is doing a reading right there at the signing table?? That's quite a look of concentration.

I don't remember what was said to get this look from Dakota.
I was admonished for taking a picture with her mouth open.
I will not hang my head in shame, it's HARD to get Dakota to shut up long enough to take a pic!

I cannot wait until Dakota comes back in June.
I hope to have a better camera by then since most of my pictures came out very blurry :(


Crazy Lady said...

Nice pics. :) Glad you had fun. I have pics up on my FB page from the Paranormal Bender tour if you're interested. And even a couple snarky comments from Mark Henry.

Qwill said...

I like the pictures. Thanks for sharing them!!

Redheaded Mama said...

Crazy Lady- I checked those out.. wish my camera had worked better to get more.
We certainly missed you this go round.

Qwill- You're welcome, it was so much fun!

Crazy Lady said...

Thanks, Lala. Wish I lived closer and could come around more often.