Saturday, March 7, 2009


Just let me start with this, I know everyone has an opinion and a right to voice it, but PLEASE!!!!

So, I was catching up on my blog reading after a busy end of week.
I stop over to PW's website because she rocks and it'd been too long since I'd been there (a couple days). Anyway, I'm on her photography page and see THIS post. I'm sitting here crying at how sweet this is. THEN, I read through the comments to see if she'd commented and how things progressed (yes, I had checked the update link, but was looking for more info).
Some people had the audacity to comment on the girl's name, Randall.
Others had the audacity to comment on their views of same sex relationships (because of the girl's name).
ONE person mentioned how she didn't think it was romantic.
For the most part, everyone congratulated the couple and family and commented on how sweet PW was to do this for them. It was really nice to read the comments of the family.
I just wonder if the woman who got religious in her comment was thinking about the couple reading her post.....
Anyway, yeah, it's just my opinion, but one should be careful how they voice theirs on a public forum on a day that someone has obviously planned carefully.

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Crazy Lady said...

I'll honestly never ever understand why people get so up in arms over things that, in the grand scheme of things mean nothing. I mean, yeah, okay, if same sex relationships bother you, then don't go hang out with same sex couples. If you see it on the news, change the station. You don't have to leave a comment on every single instance you find and make it your personal mission to ruin someone else's life because you feel you are right. And as far as baby names go - I've seen some really bad ones in my life time and it's not any of ANYONE'S business. And I say this with experience - my husband let his friends talk him out of naming our older girl what he WANTED to name her, all because they didn't like it. WTF?